Distillery Resources

Useful Distillery Resources

Finding websites related to craft-brewery and other forms of distillation are a dime a dozen on the internet. Below is a list of solid sources in the field and you can learn a considerable amount of information from them.

Starting a Distillery – Cost, Necessary Resources, etc.

Moonshine University details the requirements to start a successful distillery. Granted they aren’t able to include everything, but everything they include is an absolute minimum in regards to what is required. The most basic setup requires a water source, a cooker, a still,  and a fermenter.


The American Distilling Institute (ADI) has been known to post used equipment for sale. As companies scale, they need to off-load their underused equipment for items that will work at scale.

Distiller’s Permit

The process to become a distilled spirits producer is lengthy. It also varies based on location. In the case of the US, you need to go through the TTB.

Loche We Distillery

We plan to release as much free information in regards to distilling as possible.